NameCountry/Year of BirthBest Time
Levy MateboKEN/19892:05:16

Levy trains in the running capitol of Iten. He started running as during his childhood Levy used to watch runners on television which inspired him to become a world class runner himself as well. Levyis married and when he’s not training he takes care of his plantations and houses which he rents out to people. His proudest moment in running where breaking 2.10 in Barcelona for the 1st time andfinishing 2nd in Boston Marathon.

2016Ljubljana Marathon 3rd2:09:37
2015Ljubljana Marathon4th2:09:54
2014Berlin Marathon 7th2:08:33
2014Warszawa Marathon 2nd2:08:09
2013Boston Marathon12th2:15:42
2012Chicago Marathon12th2:10:02
2012Boston Marathon2nd2:13:06
2011Frankfurt Marathon 2nd2:05:16
2011Barcelona Marathon1st2:07:31
2010La Rochelle Marathon6th2:12:06
2010Brussels Marathon1st2:13:30
Seboka DibabaETH/19872:06:17

Seboka Dibaba is a strong marathon athlete who ran 2:06 once and 2:07 twice. He took podium places in Seoul, Paris, Düsseldorf and Sydney. Seboka run the 2nd fastest time ever recorded in Mumbai in January 2016.

2016Toronto Marathon 2nd2:09:47
2016Mumbai Marathon2nd 2:09:20
2015Paris Marathon3rd2:07:33
2014Sydney Marathon2nd2:11:48
2013Seoul Marathon3rd2:07:26
2012Cologne Marathon8th2:10:32
2012Dubai Marathon 9th2:06:17
2011Lago Maggiore Marathon1st2:13:49
2009San Sebastian Marathon2nd2:17:03
Jacob CheshariKEN/19842:07:46

After some years on the track, where Jacob recorded some fast 5000m times, he made his marathon debut in the 2013 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. He ran a strong race and finished as runner up behind Jackson Kiprop. He smashed his personal best by almost two minutes in that same year, finishing fourth in Frankfurt. After finishing 5th in last year’s Mumbai Marathon, Jacob isdetermined to return to the podium in 2017.

2016Mumbai Marathon 5th2.11.59
2016Rennes Marathon6th2.16.14
2015Hannover Marathon 1st2:09:32
2014Frankfurt Marathon11th2:11:03
2013Frankfurt Marathon 4th2:07:46
2013Mumbai Marathon 2nd2:09:43
2012CPC Half Marathon 12th62:32
2011FBK Games 5000m 3rd13:01.03
2010Heusden 5000m1st12:59.72
Beraki BeyeneERI/19802:08:27

Beraki is one of the few, but growing group, of Eritrean Marathon runners. He represented Eritrea in three World Marathon Championships in his career, in 2011 he finished 16th, in 2013 he finished 11th and in 2015 he DNF.

2016Hefei Marathon4th2:11:48
2015World Championships MarathonDnf
2015Vienna Marathon7th2:16:43
2014Hengshui Marathon2nd2:08:27
2014Santiago de Chile Marathon1st2:11:50
2013Shanghai Marathon2nd2:09:46
2013World Championships Marathon 11th2:13:40
2012Hengshui Marathon 18th63:46
2012South African Champs Half Marathon4th2:09:01
2012Chongqing Marathon 4th2:10:43
Samuel TheuriKEN/1984 2:08:56

Samuel comes from a large family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He is married and has one son. Samuel started running since he was in school, his marathon debut came in 2012 when he finished 4th in thetough Buenos Aires Marathon. Besides running he is a keen to watch movies.

2016Porto Marathon 1st2:11:48
2016Milan Marathon4th2:09:45
2015Lisbon Marathon2nd2:09:56
2015Warsaw Marathon 10th2:10:53
2015Marrakech Marathon2nd 2:08:56
2012Buenos Aires Marathon4th2:16:51
Alphonce Felix SimbuTAN/1992 2:09:19

Tanzania is known to have produced strong long distance runners over the years and Alphonce is their new rising start. The young Tanzanian has little international experience, the same goes for marathon which Olympics was just his 5th marathon. Running conservatively the first half crossing 24th moving up to 11th at 35km finishing 5th in the end, the best ever performance by a Tanzanian in the Olympic Marathon. The rising star of Tanzanian athletics run a new personal best last Novemberduring the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and is yet expected to crack his marathon PB as well.

2016Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 7th61:59
2016Olympic Games Marathon5th2:11.15
2016Lake Biwa Marathon1st2:09.19
2015World Championships Marathon 12th2:16.58
2015Gold Coast Marathon6th2:12.01
2015World Championships Cross48th
2013Nanning Half Marathon4th62:58
2011All African Games Maputo 10.000m8th29:58.20
Mesfin TeshomeETH/1993 2:09:24

While growing up in the village of Aleletu (Oromia region) Mesfin used to help his family with farming. His example who inspired him in running is the tiny figure of Tsegaye Kebede who was among the best marathoners for years. In the future Mesfin wants to continue helping his parents and also to become and investor.

2016Beijing Marathon 3rd2:11:56
2016Dongying Marathon7th2:13:48
2016Dubai Marathon 10th2:09:24
20104 Ethiopian Championships Half Marathon15th63:30
Duncan MaiyoKEN/19902:09:25

Duncan hails from the Keiyo region where many accomplished runners come from. Duncan now trains from PACE Kaptagat Training Camp. Duncan won Brighton Marathon twice in his career so far and run sub 2.10.00 twice in 2016 as well.

2016Eindhoven Marathon4th2:09:25
2016Brighton Marathon1st2:09:52
2016Great North Run 5th62:06
2015Lisbon Marathon 4th2:13:03
2015Brighton Marathon1st2:10:15
2014Nairobi Marathon5th2:14:31 (A)
2012Nairobi Marathon7th2:11:47(A)
Vitaliy ShafarUKR/1982 2:09:37

Vitaliy started to build his name after winning the 2003 National Cross title at a young age and making a winning debut in Marathon in 2006 in Warsaw. In 2012 Vitaliy represented Ukraine at the London Olympic Games. His first World Major Marathon he run in Boston in 2014 running a PB of2:09:37, later that year he also finished 5th in Toronto in another sub 2.10.00 performance.

2016London Marathon 13th2:12:36
2015Macau Marathon1st2:14:44
2015Boston Marathon10th2:13:52
2014Toronto Marathon5th2:09:53
2014Boston Marathon 4th2:09:38
2013LA Marathon1st2:13:31
2006Warsaw Marathon1st2:12:29
Yekeber BayabelETH/19912:09:39

In 2013 Yekeber made his debut in Hamburg Marathon running 2.18, later that year he also competed in Amsterdam and improved to a solid 2.09 performance. He so far won one marathon in Stockholm and is ready for another podium finish in a marathon. In 2016 he won the Egmond halfmarathon battling with strong head winds on the beach the times where slow.

2016Egmond Half Marathon1st68:08
2015Stockholm Marathon1st2:18:22
2015Lyon Marathon5th2:19:26
2014Dubai Marathon11th2:10:14
2010Amsterdam Marathon5th2:09:39
Alfonce KigenKEN/19932:09:49

Training partner of both Gideon Kipketer and Valetine Kipketer the course record holders of the Mumbai Marathon. Close friend and training partner as well of Vincent Kipruto a 2.05 marathonner who has won marathons all over the world including prestigious marathons such as; Paris, Lake Biwa, Xiamen, Frankfurt and top 3 finishes in Rotterdam, Chicago among others. Alfonce started his international career by pacing various marathons such as Frankfurt and Xiamen Marathon where hegained experience before making his debut in 2016 Madrid Marathon.

2016Rennes Marathon 3rd2:09:49
2016Madrid Marathon3rd2:12:17
Eliud BarngetunyKEN/19872:10:44

In his short career so far Eliud won three marathons already. Now he feels it’s time to step up to a higher level of competition in order to push his career to the next level.

2016Cannes Marathon7th2:18:58
2016Wuhan Marathon2nd2:10:57
2015Taipei Marathon1st2:13:14
2014Beijing Marathon4th2:11:07
2013 Libreville Marathon4th 2:17:0
2013Lyon Marathon 1st 2:10:44
2013Salzburg Marathon1st2:14:16
Alex SaekwoKEN/1990 2:10:49

Alex started running because of running neighbour Erik Ndiema (an accomplished marathonerm himself). He inspired and motivated Alex to start trainng and become a marathon runner. So far Alex has had an impressive career with three victories and two t3rd place finishes. Alex is looking forwardn to battle for top 3 in his first Mumbai Marathon outing, and should be considered as one to watch.

2016Lyon Marathon s1st2:10:49
2016Lens Marathon3rd2:15:10
2015Turin Marathon1st2:15:29
2014Verona Marathon1st2:14:12
2014Trieste Marathon 3rd2:17:58
2012Nairobi Marathon 16th 2:14:15 (A)
Lungile Congqa RSA/19792:11:59

Lungile only started running competitively in 2007. Since then he competed over 10k and half marathon. In 2011 he made his marathon debut in Cape Town. This year he improved his personal best to 2:11:59 by finishing second in Cape Town Marathon. Mumbai marathon will be his international debut.

2015Cape Town Marathon2nd2:11:59
2015Umzimkulu Marathon1st2:19:33
2015Cape Town Half Marathon 1st68:08
2015Atlantis Half Marathon1st64:44
2013Mdantsane Real Gijimas 10k3rd29:09
2008Bloemfontein Half Marathon 4th 64:01
Bonsa DidaETH/1995 2:12:33

Bonsa Dida has represented Ethiopia at various World Championships. He was fourth at the World XC Junior Championships in 2011, 17th at the World XC Championships in 2013 and 14th at the 2015 World XC Championships in China. In 2014 he made his debut at the World Half Marathon Championships after finishing second at the Ethiopian Trials.

2016TCS Bangalore 10K3rd28:42
2016 Ethiopian Olympic Trials 10.000m12th28:13:84
2016Ethiopian Championships 10.000m3rd28:49:8 (A)
2015World Championships Cross14th
2015Lille Half Marathon2nd60:19
2014Hamburg Marathon 10th2:12:33
2014World Championships Half Marathon14th61:12
2014Ethiopian Championships Half Marathon3rd61:47 (A)
2011World Junior Championships Cross 4th
Joshua KipkorirKEN/19942:13:25 (A)

Joshua comes from a big traditional Kenyan family, having 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He started running in 2015 following the footsteps of his brother Ronny Kiboss (a 2.12 Marathon runner).

2016Wuzhong Marathon1st2:17:55
2015Nairobi Marathon 1st2:13:25 (A)


Dinknesh MekashETH/19852:25:09

Dinknesh, which means “wondrous one” in Amharic, grew up in the town of Bekoji, the renowned “Town of Runners”. As a young athlete she was brought to Addis Ababa by the organization ‘Running Across Borders’ and given coaching, accommodation and support to pursue a running career. She was the first to be part of the program and a classic example of what they are trying to do in East Africa: use sport to help youth achieve success in life. In 2010, Mekash traveled outside of her country for the first time, flying to Scotland to participate in the Loch Ness Marathon. She won in 2:46:39. She was surprised by seeing radiators used for heating the home. The arrival of the mail each day also caught her attention. She was inspired by her niece Elfenesh Alemu (4th in 2004 Olympic marathon, 2003 Tokyo winner) in the beginning of her running career. After a second place in Mumbai in 2013 and two win’s in 2014 and 2015, she hopes to come back with a win in 2017 after not competing in 2016!

2016Paris Marathon3rd2:28:11
2016Dubai Marathon 8th2:28:19
2015Frankfurt Marathon2nd2:23:12
2015Daegu Marathon 2nd2:29:44
2014Hengshui Marathon3rd2:29:39
2014Hamburg Marathon 2nd2:27:29
2014Mumbai Marathon1st2:28:08
2013Paris Marathon 4th2:25:09
2013Mumbai Marathon2nd2:28:46
2012Hamburg Marathon6th2:29:56
2012Eindhoven Marathon 3rd2:30:31
2011Riga Nordea Marathon2nd 2:38:04
2010Loch Ness Marathon1st2:46:39
Souad Aït SalemALG/19792:25:08 NR

Souad has been a long distance specialist for years, she won North African, African, Pan-Arabic and Algerian titles and run national records over various distances. She competed in Olympics four times.In Rio she unfortunately couldn’t finish.

2016Olympic Games Marathon DNF
2015Hannover Marathon1st2:27:21
2014Hannover Marathon 1st2:33:09
2012Prague Marathon4th2:27:21
2008Olympic Games Marathon 9th2:28:29
2008London Marathon6th2:27:41
2007Rome Marathon 1st2:25:08 NR
2008Thessaloniki Marathon1st2:28:22
Derbe Godana ETH/1988 2:27:32

Out of 11 Marathon appearances Derbe won 3 times and finished top 2 (!) 7 times. A very unusual strong performance by a marathon runner. After suffering some injuries in 2016 she is now eager to come back with a podium finish in Mumbai.

2015Venice Marathon 2nd2:35:21
2014Shanghai Marathon6th2:32:50
2014Paris Marathon5th2:36:27
2013Singapore Marathon 2nd2:41:12
2012Turin Marathon4th2:27:32
2012Stockholm Marathon1st2:40:19
2012 Chongqing Marathon 6th2:28:52
2011Carpi Marathon 1st2:32:22
2011Sevilla Marathon2nd2:33:30
2009Reims Marathon 1st2:31:45
2009Vienna Marathon 2nd2:31:31
Chaltu TafaETH/19852:29:30

Chaltu comes from a small family having just one brother and one sister. She started running in 2009 as she saw her friends when they were running and like to join them. Chaltu is a very need lady finding cleaning her house as a hobby.

2016Kosice Marathon1st2:32:20
2015Singapore Marathon7th2:49:14
2015Warszawa Marathon3rd 2:29:30
2014Chongqing Marathon2nd2:30:43
2013Porto Marathon1st2:37:47
Chaltu ChimdesaETH/19952:30:28

Chaltu comes from a big family having four brothers and six sisters. She started training in 2010. With the money she earns through running she wants to better and settle her life at first, after that she also wants to help other people who don’t have food and need shelter. Besides running Chaltu spends much time in church finding this an important value in life.

2016Chongqing Marathon12th2:35:10
2015Hangzhou Marathon 2nd2:38:25
2015Liupanshui Marathon 2nd2:46:32
2015Seoul International Marathon5th2:30:28
2014Casablanca Marathon4th2:37:02
2014Stockholm Marathon4th2:40:36
2014Marrakech Marathon3rd2:31:23
Alem Mekonnin ETH/19942:31:02

Alem grew up in Sululeta (Oromia region), helping her family on a farm. Her father is the one that assisted Alem to start running, being a fan of Haile and Kenenisa watching them in television, Alem knew she wanted to become like them. Another runner that inspired her is Tirunesh Dibaba.

2015Casablanca Marathon 1st2:31:02
2014Lanzhou Marathon4th2:38:10
2015Dubai Marathon 15th2:31:20
Bornes KiturKEN/1986 2:32:00

Bornes Kitur ran her personal best in the 2014 Hannover marathon. She has little experience over the marathon distance however her quick half marathon time shows that she has potential to run quick over the full distance as well. Last year she came a surprise 2nd in Mumbai Marathon where she set her current PB.

2016Eldoret Marathon1st2:42:58 (A)
2016Cologne Marathon1st2:32:16
2016Mumbai Marathon 2nd2:32:00
2016Copenhagen Half Marathon5th70:00
2014Hannover Marathon 3rd2:33:50
2014Ljubljana Marathon 5th2:36:02
2014Azkoitia-Azpeitia Half Marathon2nd70:32
2013Eldoret KASS FM Marathon 4th2:45:52
2010Rio de Janeiro 10k 2nd34:57
Tigist GirmaETH/19932:32:48

Tigist is a young and upcoming athlete only having run three marathons so far, finishing on the podium twice. She set her PB in Beyrouth Marathon late 2016.

2016Beyrouth Marathon1st2:32:48
2016Lanzhou Marathon 7th2:42:16
2016Marrakech Marathon 2nd2:33:03
Niluka Rajasekara SRI/19822:40:07

After a track career Niluka started running marathon in 2014. In 2015 she competed in the difficult Hong Kong Marathon setting a Sri Lankan National record in a time of 2.40.07, by doing so she also qualified as the first Sri Lankan lady in history to compete in the Olympic Marathon of Rio.

2016Olympic Marathon129th3:11:05
2016South Asian Games Marathon2nd2:50:47
2015World Military Games Marathon17th2:53:37
2015World Championships Marathon49th2:50:40
2015Hong Kong Marathon16th2:40:07 (NR)
2014Colombo Marathon2nd2:47:55
Magdalena ShauriTAN/1996 Debut

Young and upcoming Magdalena has had a domestic track career before starting road races. She has been competing much in Brazil over the past years and now is looking ahead of making her debut.

2016Marrakech International 10k1st32:40
2016Mount Meru Half Marathon1st69:22
2016Dar es Salaam May Day Half Marathon1st72:15
Mesirak DebiluETH/1994Debut

Mesirak Debilu will make her marathon debut in Mumbai. She has been in India before as she won the Jaipur half marathon back in 2014. She recently joined the training group of Getaneh Tessema in Addis Ababa to prepare for her debut marathon.

2014Jaipur Half Marathon1st73:55