A select number of bibs have been reserved for participating NGOs to offer to aspiring runners at a premium, and thereby raise funds. One can register for any race category by availing of a Charity Bibs. The mandatory on timing certificates for the Half Marathon category has been relaxed for Charity Bib runners. However, there are limited number of Charity Bibs available for the Half Marathon. Please refer to the charity structure for more.

Every non-profit organization registered with United Way Mumbai has a maximum of 10 bibs allocated to them excepted for the top 70 NGOs who raised high amounts through charity bibs in last year’s edition. Here is how you go about procuring a Charity Bib for participation at the SCMM 2017.

  • Shortlist your cause category and then your nonprofit organisation from the list of non-profits on UWM’s website (this will be updated daily, at the end of day, from Monday to Friday). www.unitedwaymumbai.org/scmm

  • You could get in touch with the NGO for details and donation amount of the same. The donation amount agreed can also be raised by the runner, thereby raising more funds than planned

  • To request for bibs, you will need to register with UWM and manage your allocated charity bibs