Distance running epitomizes the power of one’s dreams and the awareness of one’s abilities to realize those dreams. Unlike other competitive sports, it is an intensely personal experience.

The Mumbai Marathon is amongst the top ten marathons in the world. The event boasts of fundraising platform managed by United Way Mumbai, the philanthropy partner of the event. Over the years, the fundraising platform has assumed a stature of eminence of being the single largest philanthropic sporting event in India. 512 NGOs have successfully raised over INR 162 crore over the past 13 editions.

We are back this year with the 14th edition of the Mumbai Marathon.

At the Mumbai Marathon 2017, you can choose the NGO/cause you wish to support. NGOs, representing various causes/issues, register themselves with United Way Mumbai. You can choose from any of these listed NGOs listed with United Way Mumbai. In case the NGO you wish to support does not feature in the list given on the website, you can urge the NGO to enlist themselves.