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United Way of Mumbai (UWM) is a non-profit organization that endeavours to leverage corporate, employee and leadership talent for community development. Through corporate gifts and employee giving campaigns, United Way of Mumbai seeks to successfully engage the corporate sector into meaningful Social Responsibility structures bringing about a positive and lasting change in the communities. UWM is a chapter of United Way Worldwide, which tops the list of the world’s 15 largest charities. With a presence in 41 countries with 1800 local affiliates collectively raising more than USD 5.2 Billion annually, from 11 million donors and 2.5 million volunteers, United Way Worldwide is not only the largest non-profit, but an integral part of communities around the world.

There are several charitable organizations involved in commendable grassroots activities, but do not have the wherewithal to acquire funding for their projects. United Way of Mumbai strives to not only bridge this gap but also to help in capacity building of NGOs. The endeavour is to ensure a steady stream of income for sustainable projects which aid long term community development. With United Ways operating across the world, it has been possible to incorporate best practices as part of our core competency. Several systems and processes have been put in place in order to ensure efficiency in transactions with both corporate and NGO partners.

United Way of Mumbai is today an acknowledged name in resource mobilization, handling large donations from corporate donors and their employees. In our past 5 years association as the charity partners to the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, we have helped raise the charity figures from Rs 7.75 Crores in 2009 to Rs 20.11 Crores in 2014.

United Way of Mumbai strives to bring professional management concepts into practice. The high degree of involvement of the Governing Board, comprising corporate CEOs, adds to the credibility of the organization’s functioning ensuring the highest standards of integrity are maintained in fund allocation and management.

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309, Nirman Kendra, Famous Studio Lane,
Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Estate,
Mumbai- 400011
Tel: 022 24937676/79
UWM SCMM Helpline number- +91 9029080123

For all SCMM related enquiries please write to

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