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(applicable only for Marathon & Half Marathon race categories)

Confirmed applicants of Marathon & Half Marathon race categories will be eligible for priority line-up on race day within the line-up area, based on the finish times mentioned in the timing certificates submitted along with respective application forms.

Marathon line-up section:

Section Section Start time (HR: MN) Section End time (HR: MN)
A Under 04: 13
B 04:13 Under 04:55
C 04:55 Under 05:37
D 05:37 onwards + Woman participant without timing certificate+ Charity running places

Half Marathon line-up section: 

Section Section Start time (HR: MN) Section End time (HR: MN)
A Under 01:25
B 01:25 Under 01:46
C 01:46 Under 02:07
D 02:07 Under 02:28
E 02:28 Under 02:49
F 02:49 Under 03:10
G 03:10 onwards + Woman participant without timing certificate + Charity running places

*The line-up sections given above are indicative and may undergo a change, which will be communicated on the event website post close of all registrations.

Note: Confirmed applicants improving their timing performance post submission of application can request for changing the line-up area section only on or before 29th November 2014; valid timing certificate needs to provided for this on email:

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