Group Entries of Champions with Disability Race Category

  • Where 20 or more individuals submit their entries together, this will constitute a group entry. All members of a group have to fill and sign individual entry forms. Under ‘Application Type’ in the entry form, applicants need to choose ‘Group’, mentioning the group name and size of the group.

  • More than 35 entries from any single group/entity or association applied either through online or offline mode will NOT be accepted.

  • Please DO NOT club Marathon and Half Marathon entries with group entries. Such entries will be disqualified.

  • Only one cheque/DD will be accepted for group entries. This cheque/DD should be of the consolidated value of application fees applicable for each individual group member. The cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of “PROCAM INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD.–SCMM”.

  • e.Each group must submit their entries together at one time along with a copy of PAN card of the company/NGO/ any other entity, in a single envelope under a covering letter of the company/NGO/ any other entity as per the format here on a official letterhead issued by the company/NGO/ any entity stating –

    • Total number of entries enclosed in each race category,

    • Number, date, amount and bank name of cheque/DD submitted,

    • Name and contact details of one common point of contact for the group;

    • iv.Covering letter needs to be on a company/NGO/ any other entity’s official letter head, duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory of the entity.