Year on year the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has grown by leaps and bounds, not only in the hearts of runners but also with the city at large. Like every year there will be esteemed runners who will lead as pacers for their pacing buses. There are 6 bus timings, right from the super pacey 1 hr 40 min to the 3 hr. This large spectrum is available in order to accommodate a diverse group of runners keeping their individual goals in mind. These pacers are accomplished and well known runners in the running society who are capable of guiding fellow runners achieve their goal.

Who are Pace Setters?

A pace-setter is a runner who is a veteran of many races and knows the art of pace setting. Pacer is a committed runner who is able to set a steady pace throughout the distance and bring in the group of runners following him/her from the start to the finish at the predetermined time.

The group following a pace setter is called a ‘Bus’. The idea is that the pacer must finish just around 1 minute before the promised time. So, if you have joined the sub 1:40 hour bus, the pace setter will lead you to through the finish line somewhere between 1:39 – 1:40 hours, but not even 1 second over 1:40 hours.

You can connect with your chosen pacer here -




  • Samar Shivdasani
  • Amit Ganeriwalla
  • Shrenik Avlani


  • Rajesh Bhanushali
  • Sanjay Kabra


  • Dipesh Gindra
  • Sundresh Sarup


  • Kumar Doshi
  • Roop Betala


  • Ankush Mendiratta
  • Arti Daga


  • Bijender Vats
  • Niranjan Gopinathan


  • Mukund Bhogale
  • P. Venkatraman