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  1. DHL Corporate Champions is open only for registered companies/firms (excluding section 25 companies) in existence for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of application.
  2. A registered company/firm can field a team comprising of 4 runners for the DHL Corporate Champions, each team member covering a distance of approx. 10.5 km. Each team must have at least one woman runner. All women’s team is permitted, however all men’s team cannot register to participate in the DHL Corporate Champions.
  3. The team which crosses the finish line first will be declared the CHAMPION corporate.
  4. Prize money winning positions will be awarded to the best one performing team of each participating company, depending upon their standings in the overall finish positions. A company will stand a chance of winning only one position out of the top 3 prize money positions in this race category, irrespective of their teams’ overall standings.

    For example, let’s consider ABC has fielded 3 teams (ABC-1, ABC-2, ABC-3), EFG has 4 teams (EFG-1, EFG-2, EFG-3, EFG-4), HIK has one team, LMN has one team, PQR has 2 teams (PQR-1, PQR-2), and XYZ has 2 teams (XYZ-1, XYZ-2). On race day, based on aggregate net timings of each team, the finish positions of the teams is as under -

    Finish Positions Team Name























    By virtue of the rule, the prize money winning positions will stand as under, where the best performing team of each company will win the prize money -

    Finish Position Team Name
    1st LMN
    2nd PQR-1
    3rd EFG-3
  5. Final entitlement to prize money winning positions within the DHL Corporate Champions is subject to –
    1. Teams having started their race at the scheduled DHL CC start time on 18th January 2015,
    2. Bib tag timing of all team members having been captured across all timing points on the course, including at the start and finish mats, and
    3. Visual screening of runners’ race day images after race day.
  6. Procam reserves the right to ask for any documentation that may be required for verification and confirmation of the team at any point in time.
  7. Procam reserves the right to disqualify a corporate team and/or suspend results/prize money of a corporate team, in case of any discrepancy being found in the application/ documents or in the performance of any of the team member on race day, at any point in time.
  8. Runners found to have interchanged their bib tag and/or their running number bib with others, shall be liable to be disqualified from the competition. Such runners shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money.
  9. Prize money winning team members declared will be required to submit certified true copies of their photo identity proofs or any other document as may be required by the event promoters.
  10. Prize Money winnings are subject to Indian Income Tax Rules as applicable and taxes, if any, would be borne by the winner.
  11. Provisional race results will be declared on race day post the race. On subsequent verification of all details post race day, the provisional results will be confirmed. These final results will be updated on the event website. Prize money of each winning team will be divided equally and remitted directly in the names of its team members.
  12. Race Results Committee’s decision on rankings and entitlements of prize money will be final and binding on all.

Documents required for participation in DHL Corporate Champions:

To field a team, the company needs to fulfill the appended requirement:

  • Details of the 4 runners filled in individual application forms (one runner in each team must be a woman).
  • Attach copy of runner’s employee ID card or appointment letter with each form,
  • Submitted the forms and documents on the letter head of company issued by its H.R. department as per the given format along with a copy of PAN card of company/firm. Where multiple teams are being fielded, forms need to be submitted as per the teams formed.
  • Attach a photocopy of runner’s Aadhar card or PAN card or passport along with a passport size photograph with each form.
  • Any other documents that may be asked by the Promoters separately for verification purposes.

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